Egmont Park in Brussels

Egmont park

The Egmont park (French: parc d’Egmont or parc du Palais d’Egmont / Dutch : Egmont parc) is a public park of Brussels located between the Royal Palace of Brussels and the Law Courts of Brussels.

This park was at the origin the garden of the Egmont Palace. It is open to the public since 1918, when it became the property of the city of Brussels. Nowadays, the park is separated from the Egmont Palace by a fence, but it remains visible.

The park is around 1.5 ha (3.7 acres) and it is totally surrounded by buildings. It is only accessible by :

  • the No. 31 of the boulevard the Waterloo (French) / Waterloolaan (Dutch). This entry is located just next to The Hotel
  • between the No. 32 and 34 of the rue aux Laines (French) / Wolstraat (Dutch)
  • between the No. 10 and 12 of the rue du Grand Cerf (French) / Grotehertstraat (Dutch)

This beautiful park is relatively unknown because of this particularity.

The park has also a beautiful little orangery, built between 1830 and 1839. This orangery is nowadays home to the restaurant “La Fabrique en Ville”.

How to get to the Egmont park?

The park is located between the main public transport stops of Louise (French) / Louiza (Dutch), Porte de Namur (French) / Naamsepoort (Dutch) and Petit Sablon (French) / Kleine Zavel (Dutch). More information on

Opening hours

The park is open every day from 8:00 until 20:00.