Bandstand in Brussels Park

Brussels Park

The Brussels Park (French: Parc de Bruxelles / Dutch: Warandepark) is the largest urban public park in the center of the city. Formerly known as the Royal Park (French: Parc Royal / Dutch: Koninklijk Park), the park has a rectangular shape. And the park is around 13 ha (32 acres). Created in the 18th century, it was the first public park in Brussels. Furthermore, it was built on the ruins of the garden of the former Palace of Coudenberg. This palace was used by the Dukes of Brabant.

This neoclassical park is located next to the prestigious Place des Palais (French) / Paleizenplein (Dutch), in front of the Royal Palace of Brussels.

The park has numerous statues and buildings. The most impressive buildings are the Royal Park Theater and the Vaux Hall.

How to get to the Brussels Park?

The Park of Brussels is easy to reach with its central location between major places of the city.

By metro, the park is accessible by lines 1, 2, 5 and 6 on the metro station Arts-Loi (French) / Kunst-Wet (Dutch). With the lines 2 and 6 on the stop Trône (French) / Troon (Dutch). Finally, the lines 1 and 5 stop at the station Parc (Fench) / Park (Dutch), which is located in the park.

By tramway, the lines 92 and 93 stop at Parc (French) / Park (Dutch) and Palais (French) / Paleizen (Dutch).

Several bus lines (21, 27, 38 and 95) also stop at Ducale (French) / Hertog (Dutch).

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Opening hours

The park is permanently open.